Sep 22, 2017

Hello everyone, I’m a recent college graduate from Full Sail University for Game Design and Development. I love designing and programming video games, I have also studied all types of the paranormal for more than 18 years. Ask Me Anything!

Oct 18, 2017

Hi! I am Mirjam. We are investigating ocean currents in a 13-m-diameter swimming pool that sits on a merry-go-round. Ask me anything!

Philippines is not just about beaches. Let me introduce the summer capital of my country. The city of pines, Baguio. Ask Me Anything.

Sep 16, 2017

I just spent a week alone with my family fishing at Elbow Lake in British Columbia, Canada without cell service. AMA

I am Srishti and I am the only Indian writer selected for an expedition to Antarctica for sustainable change! Ask me anything about my mission and fundraising campaign.

Hello, I'm Icel. I am a teacher my specialization is Biology. You can ask me anything about biology.

Sep 13, 2017

I worked for a Police Department doing Beach Patrol for a summer AMA

Vinny Lingham
Sep 13, 2017

CEO of Civic | Shark on Shark Tank | Co-founder of Gyft

Sep 13, 2017

I live on a boat, AMA

Sep 11, 2017

I'm a 16 year old guy who visited a nude beach for the first time at the weekend, AMA!

Sep 7, 2017

I'm going to ride into hurricane Irma with a shark, ama.

Aug 27, 2017

I'm waiting for a fish to bite, AMA!

Aug 27, 2017

I'm swedish student of a school that sails around the world with a tallship, AMA!

Hi, My name is Alex Olivier. I'm an Industrial Engineer in profession and a traveler in passion. Ask me anything about travelling in Philippines!

Sep 14, 2017

Hi I'm Steve the CEO of We help people find the best places in the world and plan trips with friends. Before Spot I worked on early ideas at Expa focusing on product strategy, branding, and venture formation. I also used to drive nuclear submarines in the navy....Ask Me Anything! #AMA

Aug 23, 2017

I am Brian Lim, founder & CEO of iHeartRaves, EmazingLights, and INTO THE AM... I made a deal on ABC's Shark Tank w/ Mark Cuban & Daymond John. Ask me anything!

Aug 22, 2017

I am the 20 year old student who recently discovered 91 volcanoes in Antarctica! AMA

Aug 22, 2017

Howdy! We're Matt and Matt. One Matt runs a whitewater rafting company in CA, and the other Matt ran an ocean kayaking company at the Channel Islands. Ask us anything regarding guiding, or the adve...

I'm launching an indie's about Antarctica. AMA

Aug 16, 2017

I am a tuna fish that witnessed my entire school get swooped up by a fisherman's net. I am the only one who managed to escape and swim away. AMA

Aug 16, 2017

I just became a certified scuba diver AMA

Aug 13, 2017

IamA person who spent a week on the flagship of the world's largest sailing fleet. AMA!

Aug 13, 2017

I spent a week on the flagship of the world's largest sailing fleet. AMA

Aug 12, 2017

I live at the beach. Ask me anything!

Aug 9, 2017

PLOS Science Wednesday: Hi reddit, I’m Ben Halpern and my PLOS ONE study investigates the health of the ocean of 220 coastal countries and territories worldwide – Ask Me Anything!

Aug 5, 2017

As a kid I had a broke arm, my head cut requiring twenty stitches, was shot in the finger with a pellet gun, and had a fish hook go completely through another finger; all complements of my older br...

Aug 3, 2017

It's been a whole year since I was roasted by a fictional fish on Twitter. AMA!

Aug 2, 2017

I teached a whale to jump out of its tail AMA

Jul 31, 2017

I am from a beach city AMA

Jul 31, 2017

I forgot to put on sunscreen while at the beach, and I just got the worst sunburn of my life. AMA!

Jul 31, 2017

Riding in the passenger seat OTW to the beach AMA

Jul 29, 2017

I just came back from a nudist beach, ama

Jul 28, 2017

I'm a professional sailing instructor ama!

Jul 28, 2017

I am visiting my Dad in Daytona Beach, Fl. from NY, with my 8 year old ADHD son, and my 3 year old nephew. AMA!

Jul 27, 2017

I am an Accountant, who specializes in Charter Accountancy. AMA!

Jul 21, 2017

My family and I swam with a fever of stingrays, and a pod of dolphins today, AUA!

Jul 21, 2017

I am currently on a boat in the middle of the sea using a multi million dollar submarine to find bombs from ww2. Ama

Jul 20, 2017

I am currently trying to find someone who will pack and ship a 7 foot long whaling harpoon for a job that has nothing to do with whaling or harpoons. AMA

Jul 18, 2017

my fish just died. ama :(

Jul 18, 2017

I am an Ocean Lifeguard in Southern California. The tourists are here and the rips are pullin. AMA

Jul 17, 2017

Science AMA Series: We’re Professor Kristine DeLong and documentary journalist Ben Raines, our discovery of a preserved underwater forest in the Gulf of Mexico that’s been submerged since an Ice Ag...

Jul 14, 2017

I'm Martin O'Leary and IamA scientist on Project MIDAS, which has been tracking the trillion-ton iceberg A-68 which just calved off the Larsen C Ice Shelf, Antarctica. AMA!

Jul 14, 2017

I participated in an international underwater robots competition organised by NASA, and I was ranked second, AMA.

Jul 14, 2017

I'm currently working on an Autonomous Underwater Vehicle. Ask me anything.

Jul 11, 2017

I sailed twice over Atlantic Ocean. AMA

Jul 10, 2017

I am Rune Sovndahl, co-founder and CEO of an international service company, and а passionate shark and cave diver - Ask Me Anything.

Jul 17, 2017

I love camping. I've camped in the Idaho mountains, Utah Mountains, New Hampshire "mountains", and Texas beaches. I've also have experience with camping with my kids. Ask Me Anything.

Jun 28, 2017

Hi Reddit! I’m Ron Naveen. NBC just called me "The Birdman of Antarctica” I’ve been counting penguins (the canaries in the coal mine of climate change) for 30 years. Ask me anything!

Jun 23, 2017

I'm out camping at the beach and I am sunburned from head to toe. AMA!

I'm a travel journalist, a solo Russian female traveler with no money. Ask me anything!

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